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Golden Deli: An Exquisite Culinary Jewel amidst Vietnamese Dining Establishments in the City of Angels

Embracing the Essence of Authenticity with Every Mouthful

Located in the energetic center of the San Gabriel Valley, Golden Deli remains exceptional as a symbol of genuine Vietnamese tastes. Our pho, meticulously created and simmered flawlessly, and our crunchy fried egg rolls exemplify our profound culinary heritage. Experience for yourself why Golden Deli is cherished by both residents and tourists as an essential fixture in the extensive Los Angeles food landscape.

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Ca Phe Sua Da

Iced French Roasted Coffee

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Bun Rieu Soup

Ground Shrimp & Crab Egg Patties in a Tomato Broth with Rice and Vermicelli Respun Text: Experience the delectable combination of ground shrimp and crab made into mouthwatering egg patties. Served in a rich tomato broth, this dish is further elevated with the addition of fragrant rice and vermicelli. Indulge in a unique gastronomic adventure that will leave you craving for more.

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Pho Tai Ribeye Noodle Soup

Choose from a variety of options including beef, chicken, or vegetarian dishes.


Banh Canh Chopstick Noodle Soup

Thick, chewy noodles are accompanied by a delectable soup made from a delightful combination of pork and shrimp.

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A Local Favorite

Cha Gio

Vietnamese Fried Springrolls

"Golden Deli is renowned for serving the most delectable Cha Gio (Fried Vietnamese Springrolls) in the entire observable universe. "

- Jonathan Gold

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Join us for a delicious feast during the day or evening! Drop by and enjoy a scrumptious lunch or a delightful dinner at our dining establishment. We look forward to serving you with our delectable culinary creations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in a mouthwatering meal.

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